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Dive Deeper into 3 of Oregon Eclipse Gathering’s 11 Global Collaborators [Event Preview]

The amount of energy going into the execution of Oregon Eclipse is unprecedented. Never before has there been a festival with such an overarching community of gathering organizers from all around the world. Not only are some of our favorite American festivals involved, but also nine other organizers based around the world many of us inundated with the U.S. festival circuit may not have heard of. Let’s take a second to dig deeper into a few of these international organizers that are about to help throw the most transcendental event in the known universe.

Hadra (France)

Hadra French is organization based in the Alps. It’s name is based on an Arabic word for “collective trance” and it’s music is comprised of mostly — you guessed it — psy-trance! Although not as common in the U.S., trance music is arguably the most popular genre of music at festivals around the world; the ‘beating heart’ of humanity if you will. Trance music has its roots in tribal ecstatic dance, with pounding kick drums, evolving synths and ethereal pads, ultimately designed to transport listeners to another plane of consciousness that promotes oneness, loss of ego and long dance sessions that for some last 12+ hours (stay hydrated!). I am personally a huge fan of quality psy-trance music, and for anyone who hasn’t allowed themselves the opportunity to release themselves to the aformentioned “trance state,” I urge you to give it a try! At any point in time around the world, there is some large crowd somewhere getting down like marionettes to the infectious rhythms of psy-trance, and at Oregon Eclipse, us Americans will have a chance to do the same! 

Ometeotl (Mexico)

Ometeotl prides themselves in showcasing the best psychedelic music from around the world. My favorite thing about these guys is that their lineups always have a tasteful variety of music that anyone can enjoy, but they make an effort to curate eclectic festivals that steer away from the more comfortable and borderline repetitive lineups we see every year in the states. Just last year they boasted an incredible lineup with a rare performance of one of my favorite artists from Sweden, Solar Fields. If it weren’t the state of my bank account at the time I would have flown down to Mexico City in a heartbeat. Along with music they showcase different mediums of art including visionary painters, aerial dance and keynote speakers, much like our American counterparts, but many of the names may be surprisingly refreshing and new to you. If psy-trance isn’t your thing, but want to try something new, make sure to check out Ometeotl’s contributions to Oregon Eclipse!

 Janik Frias
Janik Frias Copyright © Janik Frias

Noisily (UK)

Based in England in a lush forest much like the one’s we’ve read about in English folk tales, Noisily sounds like it has all of the good parts of American festivals, with an obvious European twist. Rooted in electronic music, but also showcasing other styles and artistic mediums, the festival is self-described as “a place where hedonism and self awareness go hand in hand,” which is a tagline I would absolutely love to have on a doormat in front of my house in Denver. The festival sounds like the perfect environment which many festival attendees search for, a place to completely cut loose, to learn (and unlearn!), to dance, and to create an alternative environment where you can be anything you want to be for a short while, in which you can create lasting changes in yourself and friendships that will last a lifetime.

New age dribble aside, the main thing Noisily offers is an element that is for the most part sorely missing from American festivals — Drum and Bass! Regardless of what you think of the genre, DnB is rooted in the UK and has been an integral part of the development of electronic music for some time, and time that I have spent in Europe getting down to Drum and Bass has completely flipped my conception of how deep and elegant the genre can be. If you think elegant is an odd word to describe DnB, just give it (and other genres which the English offer a refreshing twist on) a chance, and I think you’ll be surprised at how much your horizons will expand.

These three are just a taste of the new blood coming into Oregon this summer. With the majority of influence at Eclipse coming internationally, Oregon Eclipse will undoubtedly have a flavor unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Whether you’re looking for something new, or are ready to experience a classic west coast festival, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Oregon Eclipse and so much more. We’re less than three months out, hold onto your hats people!


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