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[Artist Interview] 8-Piece Electro-Funk Band Tnertle Talk ‘MataMata’, New Lineup and Plans for 2016

Marking their very first release under Super Best Records, the group that makes up Tnertle have continued to blaze their trail of success with MataMata, the latest and greatest from the duo turned 8-piece electro-funk group. The 11 track LP spans every bit of the bands’ dynamic style in detail, gleaming with original gems of instrumental mastery, full-bodied production, and insightful lyricism. Adding to their already divine line-up, Tnertle have officially welcomed two new MCs and guitarists to the band as well.

MataMata sees all eight members coming together to create a truly staggering amount of homegrown talent, from their Super Best family roots to their artwork collaboration with Kurt Redeker of beloved gallery Knew Conscious. Tnertle lives and breathes Colorado, and seeing the band live shows off that signature Colo-rowdy energy – Since adding the new members, it’s safe to say the band has reached new heights when it comes to what to expect from their sound. We had the ultimate pleasure of chatting with the band after their album release at Cervante’s in November. Thanks for giving us your time!

Compose Yourself Magazine: How and where did Tnertle originate?

Tnertle: Tnertle came about from the desire to create fun and funky music.  The initial Tnertle duo of Trent Campbell and Kyle Ayervais had always played rock music in past band experiences and wanted to change it up and explore a new genre of music.  Trent has been making beats for Tnertle as far back as 2009, but the first Tnertle show wasn’t until 2012.  After playing as a duo for 2 years, we added vocalist Ray Salazar and did lots of shows before adding on a horn section which now consists of Leah Concialdi (Sax/EWI) and Alice Hansen (Trumpet).  At the 2014 ARISE Music Festival, we met Lily Fangz and have been jamming with her ever since.  The latest addition to the Tnertle group are the two guitar players Ty Hughes and Taylor Steele.  We are loving this new full lineup and are excited to bring it to everyone!

CYM: How many instruments do the members of Tnertle use during a typical show? This also brings me to ask of how the idea to include new musicians came about.

T: At our release show on Friday, there was some instrument switching going on. Trent switches from playing MIDI controllers to bass to accordion while Leah Concialdi is constantly switching from baritone sax, soprano sax and EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument) to find the perfect sound.  Ty Hughes picks up the cigar box guitar for a few songs and Trent and Alice pick up accordions for “Hector Schwing.”  We are lucky to have a big network of great musicians and are enjoying the new full-sounding instrumentation.

Artwork by Kurt Redeker

CYM: A part of why Tnertle shows are so much fun in my opinion are the covers you play, like Outkast’s ‘Spottieottiedopaliscious’ always gets the crowd so rowdy! Any in particular you’ve always wanted to play/hope to put a Tnertle twist on someday?

T: Yes remixes are fun because most of the people are familiar with the original song.  We usually cover high energy songs that will add to our set.  We often dabble with Outkast, Calvin Harris and 90’s hip hop classics!  You’ll have to keep coming to shows to see what song we may remix next!

CYM: Your album release party at Cervantes’ was just last week and was pretty much a hometown throw down celebration – Even Michal Menert made an appearance which brought the energy even higher. Tell us how that night went for you guys.

T: The album release party was an incredible night and a culmination of many things.  It was a show of firsts.  It was our first headlining show we have ever done in Denver promoting our first full-length album and a first guest appearance by Michal Menert.  The night really was a party for all of us and you could tell from the green room.  It was a real party down there with lots of great musicians from the Denver scene.  We are incredibly thrilled with the feedback we’ve gotten from both the album and the show.  That keeps us going.  That’s why we do it.  Thank you to all of our supporters!

CYM: What else can we expect to see from Tnertle throughout the rest of the year and 2016?
T:  To kick off the new year we will be supporting RJD2 at the Ogden Theatre at the end of January! We are stoked on this as it is our first time at the Ogden and happy that RJD2 was invited back for a second year in a row.  We are currently working on booking the spring and summer with lots of big shows and festivals to get the new album out to the people! We are excited and energized by our fans and are ready to get moving in 2016.

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