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Marilyn Minter’s ‘Pretty/Dirty’ at Museum of Contemporary Art | Denver, CO December 2015

Warning, some images are NSFW!

With a title that says it all, I was immediately intrigued by Museum of Contemporary Art‘s latest exhibit – Marilyn Minter’s Pretty/Dirty. I watched as museum visitors walked from room to room, some with complete looks of shock upon seeing the art on the walls they’d just closed themselves in. It’s important for art like this to exist. Not only because Minter blurs the lines between fine and contemporary art, but because she isn’t afraid to shock, excite, and explore the taboo pleasures of the human body.

Dig into her art as many times as you’d like, and you’ll find yourself still deciding between what you’ve just seen. Whether it’s her magnetized perspective on the sexuality of the human body, or the scrutiny behind the female beauty form, Minter has a body of work that begs for a second look. While mostly working with mediums such as enamel, metal, and prints, she’s also taken her divergent work to the screen in works like ‘Green Pink Caviar’, ‘Smash’, ‘Playpen’, and more.




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