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[Artist Interview] Big Wild Talks Current Tour, Latest EP and Denver’s Electronic Scene

Jackson Stell, the brains behind Big Wild, has been working like a madman to secure his ranks in the electronic scene, and it’s safe to say he’s done just that. Pushing out remixes by chart topping artists like GRiZ, Odesza, Bro Safari, Kodak To Graph and more, the Venice bred producer has had one of hell of a year, and it’s only going upward from here. Make sure to catch Big Wild in action tomorrow night at the Bluebird Theater, where he will be opening for Lowtemp artist Gibbz. Doors are at 8pm and tickets are absolutely FREE. This night will also serve as the 10th Year Anniversary of Jiberish, so you know this will be nothing short of a kickass party!

CYM: You initially began producing back in 2011 with your first EP, ‘Native Echoes’, which I admittedly had to go back and listen to – it’s an incredible expression of the multiple styles you like to dabble in. How would you describe your production approach from then to where you are now?
Big Wild: I would say my production approach is more or less the same. On that EP I wanted to establish that I was going to explore different sounds and styles. That approach is still something I do now as well. I’m always experimenting to create something that is unique to both me and the listener, but is also something people can vibe, dance, and groove to. That’s one of the ideals of “Big Wild” as a project.

CYM: Your latest single, ‘Afterglow’, was released through Odesza’s prominent  Foreign Family Collective, and you’ve been pushing out your own unique re-works of other artists’ tracks such as GRiZ and Hundred Waters as well. What have been some of your most rewarding moments thus far this year?
Big Wild: Performing in front of some amazing crowds like Lightning in a Bottle, Shambhala, the crowds while I was touring with Odesza, and the Gramatik tour. It’s hard to beat the sensation of performing for a great audience and having them vibe to something you’ve made. It’s also extremely rewarding to read some of the messages people send me about how my music has affected them. Some of those messages are really heartfelt, and they’re definitely something I draw motivation from to keep producing and performing!

CYM: Are you looking forward to bringing your sound to the Bluebird Theater? Word of how epic your live shows are has gotten around as well, so we’re getting stoked to see you here this Thursday!
Big Wild: I’m extremely excited about this show. I’ve heard the venue’s great, and I’m also really looking forward to seeing Gibbz perform (the guys on the Gramatik tour told me he’s really good). Denver is a great place to perform as an electronic musician too. The music scene there really supports electronic music so I always get great crowds. Shoutout to Jiberish and Tony for putting this all together!

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