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Suspect, The Best Kept Secret After-Party In Dallas, TX | April 18th, 2015


Dallas, Texas is gearing up for something exciting, something riveting, and something enthralling, to take place this Saturday, April 18th, at the Cotton Bowl. While many of us are gearing up to party our faces off and fist pump for hours to top EDM headliners, you should consider saving some of that precious plur energy, because word on the street is that a secret after party is taking place nearby at Ash Studios.

We don’t want to get in trouble for spilling details, but rumor has it that a few headliners from the big event that day¬†will be present at this after party. Mr. Carmack and a few of his peers performing at the Cotton Bowl have been making some curious tweets in regards to a party known as “Suspect“.

If you want to find out more information, we suggest you ask around Facebook for Alex Zander Reid or someone from the PRIME entourage. Again, we can’t spill the details, but we can pass it around word of mouth.

Check out the event page on FB here.

Doors open at midnight and don’t even think about bringing your raggedy gogo outfit, scratchy neon tutu with hot-glued sequins on your bra that is two sizes two small, ridiculously offensive and racist indian headdress, or kandi, because rave attire is not permitted.

See you at Suspect, Dallas!

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