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A Look Into the Abstract: The Art of Leticia Sedberry

Leticia Sedberry is an abstract artist in the Dallas, Texas area. Her work has been featured at the Magnolia Hotel in Downtown Dallas, the Bedford and Hurst Public Libraries, in January at the Buon Giorno Café in Grapevine, and various other galleries around the area. She attended the Baylor University in Waco, Texas. She enjoys fine wine and many forms of art, mostly painting. Much of her spare time that isn’t in the studio is spent attending open galleries and art shows in the Greater Dallas area with her two daughters, Jessi and Carly. Her abstract art work shows a wide range of emotions and brings out a colorful display of thoughts that is worth a second look. Her work inspires me to move forward in my own experiments and adventures in life. I hope that you enjoy her work and continue to follow us on future projects of Lettie’s. Official Site

What do you like about your work? Dislikes?

I love the detail and color I am able to get with the latex paint and alcohol inks (which I mix myself in large mason jars) and I love how my paintings depict the idea behind them…..even if it’s only in my twisted brain. I don’t like the fact that my studio space limits me at the present time as to being able to do super-large canvasses. I’m working on changing that.

Who and/or what are some of your inspirations?

I am inspired daily by things I hear or read….a turn of phrase, a poem, music lyrics or even an overheard conversation. My daughters always yap at me because they can tell I am listening to someone’s conversation in the booth behind us in a restaurant. Words and vernacular fascinate me…when I hear something that strikes me, I can see a painting in my head. It’s a funky thing called ideasthesia that I’m plagued with.

What artist would you most like to be compared to?

Hands down, Jackson Pollock, but I would most definitely take Wassily Kandinsky as a close second (his yellows are phenomenal).

Where do you feel your best work comes from?

My best work comes from an awesome quote, whether it be from Dave Matthews, Pharrell Williams, a woman in line behind me at Market Street or T.S. Eliot. Doesn’t matter. If it hits my gut, it’s a painting.

Painting by Leticia Sedberry

What are some of your professional goals and aspirations?

I would like to make experimental and abstract expressionist art popular and sought after again. I believe it’s time has come….again.

What are some things that we could expect from you in the future?

Bigger canvasses, I hope.

How do you feel your emotions at the time of creating a painting effect your work?

Personally, I don’t get the “emotion” thing with regards to art. I never have. I don’t know why artists have to ramble on and on about soul searching, the journey into the dark side, personal transformation, inspirational bowel habits or crazy made-up words in an attempt to describe their art. What do these things mean?…More importantly, how are they relevant to the painting, or anything in real life, for that matter? This type of thing tends to make my brain shut off because the contrived psychobabble is meaningless overkill to me. It’s like watching someone spin on a stationary bike, trying to justify that they are actually going somewhere. I believe an artist’s paintings should stand on their own and not need to rely on contrived psychobabble.

Have you ever tried to step out of your comfort zone with your art and experiment with other types of art or paintings?

No, because for me, the abstract expressionism thought process is a way of life and not a “comfort zone”. Comfort zone is snoozing in the late afternoon on the couch with a fat cat, a large Arizona green tea and Judge Judy on the TV.

 What originally sparked your interest in art?

I have always wanted to explore painting, but my creative outlet for 20 years was gardening. My mother was a true artist. In 2009, my daughters were growing up and I set about to take watercolor lessons from a local legendary painter. Her summer “experimental” classes really put the gas in my tank. In August 2010, I lost a very dear and important person in my life…..once he died, I began painting constantly.

 What was one of the first paintings or drawings you remember doing?

In 2011, I had a friend who was going through radiation treatment for lymphoma. He was so burned from his neck up with radiation that I wanted to do a blue painting for him. The whole time I worked on this painting, I sent cooling thoughts to him and used only water based colors. It’s an old painting, but he still has it.

What is your favorite (or top five favorite) painting(s) that you have done?

Oh, gosh, they are all my favorites……until I decide they are not and paint over them!

Where do you get the inspiration for some of the names of your work?

My titles are inspired by things I hear. I always have the title before I have the painting. Instead of a sketchbook of ditties and drawings, I have a small notebook of quotes. I’ve been known to pull over to the side of the road and input a quote into the notes app on my phone if I hear something on NPR or Science Friday.

What was your favorite sale and why?

My favorite sale hands down was from a boy I have known for years as he is a friend of one of my daughters. He saved tip money for a long time to buy one of my paintings and brought me a wadded up stack of small bills. This is true appreciation and the very best any artist could ever hope for.

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