Rising Appalachia Honors Herbalists with Latest Release, “Medicine”

Rising Appalachia, comprised of sisters Leah and Chloe, do more than make incredibly beautiful world-folk soul music; the duo also utilizes their platform to create social awareness. Their latest release “Medicine” is a call-to-action to support the voices and work of healers, herbalists and teachers who use plant-based medicine as a tool for enlightenment and healing.

The song is a gorgeous medley of acoustic instruments, tied together by poetic lyrics and soul-touching vocals. Leah and Chloe’s voices flawlessly harmonize together, spiraling around the instruments in a heart-touchingly enticing manner. “Medicine” has a hauntingly addictive quality to it that begs the listener to repeat the track over and over.

The single is available via donation/name-your-price on the Rising Appalachia Bandcamp.

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