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[Show Review] Big Gigantic at RowdyTown at Red Rocks | September 27, 2014

As a native to Colorado, Red Rocks instinctively is a second home. A majestic place where memories are imbedded within the blush colored rocks and various souls intertwine for the mere passion of the best in live music. The communal love for music at Red Rocks exerts an organic and unmatchable feeling that truly can’t be beat. As I was walking through the lots, I could not help but recognize and appreciate the sense of community that everyone so genuinely embodied. Instantaneously, I became high off anticipation just knowing that Saturday night of RowdyTown III would be one for the books.

The Rocks were flooded with spirited concertgoers, fused with diversity and a mutual complacence – I couldn’t help but submerge myself in the beautiful chaos. As innovators in the jam scene, The New Deal were the perfect element for the start of the night. Out of Ontario, Darren Shearer (drummer), Dan Kurtz (bass), and Jamie Shields (keyboardist) incorporate many variations of modern electronica to patent their inventive live progressive breakbeat style. The collaboration of these different elements created a unique and unforgettable set.

Transitioning from the rhythmic grooves and organically composed harmonics of The New Deal, Big Gigantic in alliance with The Motet, took to the stage for a truly “gigantic” experience. The duo of Big Gigantic, Dominic Lali (saxophonist/producer) and Jeremy Salken (drums) have an unparalleled take on the music scene. Synchronizing their mind-bending beats, turbulent bass, and seductive brass, there was not a single person standing still. The complex groove and funk style of The Motet complemented Big G’s energetic presence undeniably. The 3D production mapping, generously supplied by Ghost Pixel, seemed to dance simultaneously against the massive sides of the Rocks, offering a stimulating and intense sensory overload.

With Big G mixing in classics such as ‘Limelight’ and ‘Rise & Shine’, while incorporating some favorable remixes, they truly took the night to unimaginable places. As the night seemed to reach its peak, special guests from the Eagle Crest Marching Band accompanied the band on stage. Performing remixes of Aloe Blacc’s “I Need A Dollar” and Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us”, witnessing the live marching band in unison with Big Gigantic made for one of the most memorable collaborations I have yet to see.

Thoroughly indulging in the provocative beats, I couldn’t help but become captivated by the crowd’s energy. A sold out amphitheater of thousands of bodies were chanting and screaming the words, which seemed to fuel their entire existence. I seemed to lose my touch in the crowd, as we all moved as one. The universal gratification that transpired from each individual was a significant reminder to hold onto your love of life that we often tend to forget. Thank you Big Gigantic for devoting so much love to Colorado and making Rowdytown a must see year after year.

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