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5 Ways ARISE Music Festival Aims to Change Your Life

Next up on CYM’s festival agenda is the 2nd annual ARISE Music Festival, a 3-day camping adventure set in Loveland, Colorado. ARISE features a tantalizing blend of stellar and emerging talent from across the globe, catering a plethora of extraordinary artists, educational workshops and more. Prepare yourselves for a weekend that will satisfy your live music cravings and expand your consciousness even more. We’re only 19 days away from experiencing all that ARISE has to offer, and we can’t wait to join all of you there!

Bruce Campbell is one of the many artists who will showcase their larger-than-life installations during ARISE.

1. Feast Your Eyes On a Variety of Art

Where some music festivals may slack in the amount of art actually being showcased, ARISE more than makes up for it by shedding light on a multitude of extremely talented and diverse creators. From Colorado’s own backyard to California and New Mexico, ARISE’s yoga instructors are dynamically skilled and fluid in their individual techniques, offering their crafts all throughout the weekend. Start every day of ARISE by attending one of the several yoga sessions, as well as indulging your sensual side by diving into belly dance classes (from beginner to more advanced tribal fusion)! Set in an up-cycled landscape created and installed by visionary artist Bruce Campbell, there are incredible wonders all over the festival that you’ve never seen before. Once entering the grounds of ARISE, prepare yourself to be in awe of the intricate beauties that will surround you all weekend.

Festival ladies of Colorado representing. [Photo by Kelly Culton]

2. Homegrown CO Love

Nobody has more love to show for their roots than Colorado, and ARISE is gleaming with homegrown love for the mile high state. Beyond supplying a variety of locally brewed craft beers, organic “nom”s and Colorado-bred vendors, ARISE is showering attendees in even more CO love by including several of the state’s best talents on its musical lineup.  Rocking the most hometown artists, the newly added electronic dance stage, Souls Rising, will be graced with performances by Krooked Drivers, SunSquabi, Templo, Serephine, Proper Motion, Skydyed, and more.

3. Loveland

Taking place on an all organic 100-acre farm, Sunrise Ranch offers sweeping views of rolling hills, majestic mountains, and unfailingly gorgeous red rock landscapes. It comes as no surprise that Loveland is also nicknamed the ‘Sweetheart City’ because of how friendly its locals are (they were named the ‘3rd Happiest City in the US’ back in March)! As a matter of fact, we’re granting ourselves a head start on arriving just to take it all in, and we highly suggest you do the same. Nestled in the gateway to the Rockies, Loveland is an astonishing landscape for this camping festival to take place.

4. A Delicious Assortment of Musical Tastes

As Colorado’s premiere multi-genre music and camping festival, ARISE sets the standard with this year’s lineup, which features electronica, bluegrass, reggae, hip-hop, indie-folk and more. With this lineup alone, we now know it’s possible to satisfy every music lover’s preferences out there, whether you’re a seasoned jam-band freak (Grateful Grass will be right up your alley) or a newborn EDM junkie (join the dance party during The Polish Ambassador’s set). Hell – we don’t even know what the crowd will look like when Chali 2na, legendary rapper of Jurassic 5 fame, takes the stage. Diversity is the spice of life, and we can’t wait to soak up all of ARISE’s amazing vibes!

5. Transformative Atmosphere

The thing that makes camping festivals so unique is that they allow you to completely immerse yourself within the experience.  The atmosphere at a transformational festival is unlike any other and inspires growth and motivation, ultimately raising the love of a person’s authentic self. When reading the list of workshops offered at ARISE this year, you’ll undoubtedly find your excitement grow even more as we wait for the August 8-10th weekend. In addition to a solid lineup of yoga and reiki/massage services, there are interactive theme camps, secret StarBar performances (ARISE’s on-site coffee bar/open mic tent), the endlessly informational Solutions Village, industry leading speakers from the anti-fracking movement and more. ARISE equips you with these tools in order to encourage attendees to implement immediate changes within their communities.

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