JuBee for the people: an interview with one of Denver’s most key players [Artist Interview]

In Denver’s chaotic music scene it’s hard to track down the freshest heat, but if there’s a single name that the majority of our city has become enamored with, it’s JuBee. As a one man show all on his own, the New York born rapper has tremendously extended his talents since making Denver his home a few years ago. In addition to hosting his own weekly at Cervantes’ Re:Search Wednesday’s, JuBee plays the role of ‘Artist at Large’ year round.

Making appearances at festival stages across the country in a variety of platforms, the rapper can be seen making his mark with favorites like Pretty Lights, Maddy O’Neal, Michal Menert & The Pretty Fantastics, Exmag, and his own band, to simply name a few. The do-all, slay-all role JuBee plays in the scene today is a testament to the peoples’ demand for a high-energy and multi-talented player that gets the crowd amped up – and keeps them there. Check out what JuBee had to say to CYM regarding his role in the music business, his experience in the Sonic Bloom Orchestra and his current collaborative projects.

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CYM: You already have some pretty outstanding performances under your belt. If you could collaborate onstage with anyone alive or dead, who would it be?

Living: Dr.Dre. Dead: Prince

CYM: You went from living in NYC to making the change to Denver. What about Denver makes you love it here?

The weather, the sunshine and most of all my amazing set of friends. The community is deeply rooted in collaborative effort. We all reach out to one another and look to push each other creatively and professionally. It’s a real honor to apart of.

CYM: You performed with your full band at Sonic Bloom this year, and then were also invited to perform alongside the Sonic Bloom Orchestra. Tell us about those sets.

It was my first show back with my long time friend and collaborator, Danny “The Captain” Davis, and we had Matt Hill from the Floozies come and do a talk box laced rendition of “Pony” by Ginuwine. The sun almost melted me but I had a blast… being able to work with amazing musicians like Jaden Carlson, Eric Imbrosciano and Brisco Jones is such a treat, especially when it’s show time, cause I get to listen to them alongside the audience so it’s awesome.

The orchestra set was an incredible moment. I got to jam out with some of my favorite musicians, who are just masters of their crafts in general, and having the opportunity to stand next to them and connect was a real honor. Not to mention I was in a Pikachu onesie while doing it.

CYM: What about Sonic Bloom makes it stand out from other festivals?

Colorado festivals in general just seem to have it all… scenery, great staff, fantastic art installations, nice people and a receptive crowd. Can’t ask for anything more as far as a recipe for a once in a lifetime weekend.

CYM: You’re always collaborating and are apart of so many musical projects. Are there any creative endeavors in particular that are your favorite of the moment?

I’m working on more than a few projects right now that I’m pretty excited about… some I can discuss, some I cannot… I will say I’m excited for all the original music I’m working on with everyone I’m collaborating with, especially my own band. The second Michal Menert & The Pretty Fantastics album is being written and worked on right now too! And I’m doing a lot of really exciting stuff with Late Night Radio…. I’d say just stay tuned because there’s no way I can choose a favorite because it’s all happening at once!

CYM: If you were Oprah and could give away anything to your audience, what would it be?


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One Comment on “JuBee for the people: an interview with one of Denver’s most key players [Artist Interview]
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