Dirtybird Campout 2016: Funky Summer Camp Vibes [Event Preview]

Dirtybird Campout is coming back to Silverado next week and if you enjoy good vibes, house, techno, and reminiscing on summer camp you likely already have a ticket and a crew of hooligans to get funky with. Be sure to catch the sets below, and definitely don’t forget to participate in all the fun camp activities out there, including Water Balloon Toss, Kickball, Late Night Bingo, Archery and many, many more.


Green Velvet is a legend in the house scene, and if you consider yourself a house or techno head I beg you not to miss this set. Officially producing under the moniker since 1993, yet creating dance floor hits for several years prior, Green Velvet is sure to be one of the sweatiest dance parties at Dirtybird Campout this year. Get ready to bounce.

If you’ve seen Reggie Watts’ TED talk below, there’s zero doubt that you will be at his set. The man has a knack for blending slick rhymes with his humorous demeanor, making each performance a completely new experience.Depending on what you’ve done to pregame in particular, you will understand everything or nothing… Enjoy!

J Phlip has fast become a staple of the Dirtybird crew and West Coast dance scene altogether, and for good reason. She’s sure to make you get down and dirty with her tendency for frenzied dance parties, and we’ve come to expect nothing less. You’re bound to get proper grimy in her hands.

Justin Jay + Friends: There is too much to say about this group. Justin Jay on the decks, Benny Bridges on guitar, Josh Taylor on vocals, Henry Was on drums, and God knows who else will undoubtedly have your ass groovin’ with a smile on your face. To quote my friend, “after Justin Jay and Friends were finished with their set at Splash House 2016, they could’ve had sex with any person in the crowd, man or woman.” These guys are just plain arousing. If you haven’t heard it yet, listen to their new album Fantastic Voyage out now on SoundCloud. 

Sacha Robotti is one of the nicest and dirtiest birds out there. If you caught him at one of his sets on the Playa this year, then you already know Sacha is not one to miss. Check out Sacha, Justin Jay, Josh Taylor, and Henry Was on their filthy new track, “Broke the Law.”

Somehow I miss Shiba San at every single festival I go to, but that won’t be the case at Dirtybird BBQ. The producer has been on fire all year long and to say he’ll have a rowdy crowd on his hands is putting it lightly. Meet us there for one of the wildest performances of the weekend.

Marc Houle’s live set is sure to be impressively funky, and hopefully pretty dark. Check out his live Boiler Room set for a nice preview of what is to come! Consider yourself a new fan.

If you haven’t gotten the memo yet, Claude Vonstroke is the tré-house alias for the man once known as Barclay Crenshaw. It seems Claude will give way to his now alter-ego, Barclay Crenshaw, by performing as his former self. Barclay will be playing his new project which is self described as “hip-hop, 90’s vibe with modern production.”

It would just be plain rude to miss out on our host’s set. If you have never seen him, Claude Vonstroke drops heat and you won’t want to miss the quality vibes, house, techno, and dancing that will be going on at this set. If you see him walking around, be sure to give him thanks and a hug for all he’s done for the dance music scene in Detroit, the West Coast and beyond.

If you’re going to be out in Silverado next weekend make sure to dance like nobody is watching, make a lot of new friends, spread love and good vibes, and say hi to your neighbors on the D-FLO! I’ll be left front speaker in a kimono breaking it down.

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