Our Top 3 Performers You MUST See at Symbiosis 2016: September 22-25th | Woodward Reservoir in Oakdale, CA

Our Top 3 Performers You MUST See at Symbiosis 2016

Coming in hot with even more lineup goodness are the fine performance folks at the year’s most anticipated festival, Symbiosis Gathering 2016: Family Tree. Among the latest additions are Vau de Vire Society, Crash Alchemy, Pyronauts, Rose-city Acro Devils, The Fungineers and more. With 20 different performance troupes turning Symbiosis into their playgrounds for the weekend, it can be a little hard to keep up with all of the top acts to see! Here are our absolute favorite groups we plan to be mesmerized by at the Family Tree Gathering in September.  We urge you to become mesmerized with us!

Our first experience with Crash Alchemy happened back in 2013 at one of our favorite festivals, Art Outside. Not only does this 25 person performance group include silk aerialists and a variety of dancers, but they also implement interactive technologies to bring their live performances over the top. Harnessing the use of large silk screens, Crash Alchemy uses unbelievable 3D projection mapping to provide a digital landscape for their dancers to create otherworldly visuals before your very eyes. Believe us when we say, Crash Alchemy are an all original stage show not to be missed!

After seeing Rose-City Acro Devils at this year’s Oregon County Fair, we can attest to some of the jaw dropping antics these super talented acrobats include in their routine. Hailing from the original ‘Keep it Weird’ city of Portland, our eyes were glued to the stage as we watched the most insane acrobatics we’ve seen yet. The insane structures these artists create are on another level, with every stunt leaving you with the question of how on earth they pulled it off! Pure dedication to their circus craft have propelled this group to the top, and we are more than pleased to see them making the Symbiosis lineup!

If you have yet to experience the comical shenanigans brought forth from The Fungineers, brace yourselves for what are sure to be some of the biggest belly aches of the weekend. We actually had the pleasure of unexpectedly catching these beat-boxing MC’s at this year’s Bass Center, and they were a definite highlight! One of our favorite things to do is to bring a friend to a Fungineer show that have no idea what’s in store – these guys are some of the best in the circus scene and every performance is completely unique. That being said, we encourage you to bring an unexpecting squad to watch the hilarity ensue!

Full list of performers at Symbiosis 2016:

Vau de Vire Society

Tourettes without regrets

Zoe Jakes: House Of Tarot

Flynn Creek Circus

Wanderlust Circus w/ Band

Traveling Spectacular

Fou Fou Ha

Metamorphosis Ballet


Mystic Circus Sideshow

Rose-city Acro Devils (RAD)

Festival The Show

Ali Luminescent


Blaze (from PDX)

Crash Alchemy

Bad Unkl Sista



Extra Action Marching Band

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