Lightning in a Bottle – An Abundance of Goodness!

Just around the corner is the abundance of goodness better known as Lightning in a Bottle! Like many facets of a diamond there’s many facets of Lightning in a Bottle! This 2016 Lightning in a Bottle will have a full spectrum of energizing goodness from amazing music by phenomenal musicians, see line up here, to beautiful artist to yoga to increasing awareness of eco friendly ways to world renown teachers and healers and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! This is NOT THE NORM. THIS IS LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE!

For many, Lightning in A Bottle is a container for growth and new experiences, so check out a permaculture event or a panel discussion on healthy eating. Set an intention and use your time here as an opportunity to learn about others, the world and yourself.

The music is mind blowing click here for incredible line up!

The Temple of Consciousness – Designed to activate your body, expand your mind, and open your heart.


The Lucent Temple of Consciousness, in the heart of the festival, is a haven of inspiration featuring world renown visionaries, wisdom keepers, master teachers, healers, activists, performers, and musicians. All Temple offerings are designed to activate your body, expand your mind, and open your heart.

Devoted to crystallizing our understanding of self, health, science, ecology, spirituality and the mystical. The mission to provide the tools and support to co-create and birth the most positive transformational shift we all know is possible.

Lightning Stage Yoga!

Panels!  Learn from the experts who merge intellect and heart!

Contact Improv + Ecstatic Dance Sets
Dance your face off every night on the Yoga Om stage!

Lucent Temple Speaker Series
Come get your mind blown wide open… This year LiB booked our deep within the wizard schools, think tanks and ancient wisdom schools of the world. Selected speakers who bring something unique and special to the table, some of whom are agreeing to speak in public for the very first time.

Healing Sanctuary
Year after year this unique area provides a full range of touch and energetic modalities to sooth, rejuvenate and truly heal.



Explore what village life means and how to bring that into a contemporary context. LiB’s intention is to learn by doing, to be engaged with how to actually create and sustain a Village.

Interactive Project intergenerational, education-based environment focused on earth based wisdom traditions and the skills necessary to be a sustainable, thriving, interdependent community. The focus is on honoring the elements and cycles of the natural world, on identifying and refining our individual and collective offerings and remembering a life that integrates the sacred and the creative into everyday.

Have the opportunity to experience many aspects of this way of being, such as wisdom transmissions, song and story sharing, ceremony, and practical applications of earth based concepts plus ancestral arts classes such as carving, fire making and weaving as well as presentations of traditional stories an prophecies with Indigenous Elders and lineage holders mission.

The Village intends not only to begin shifting our collective awareness in that direction, but also to provide tangible guidance for how to recognize and develop these offerings in a way that benefits both our personal evolution and our ability to be of real service to the larger whole.

This splendid rare occurance will have lessons on food, to expansion of mind to Amori’s Casino & Burlesque is a sexy, sensual, immersive experience featuring live burlesque and cabaret, gaming, wandering characters, live bands, fire shows, DJ’s and all manner of shenanigans.

Entice your senses. Expand the mind. Open the heart. Learn and share back home the abundance of goodness of Lightning in a bottle! Lightning in a Bottle info! Click here!

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