Free Download: “Rude,” by Magic | Wickid’s Drum And Bass Remix!

There is an affliction with which artists can be perpetually burdened: it is the compelling need to continually broaden their horizons, refine their skill, and sharpen their abilities. Wickid, hailing from Dallas/Fort Worth,TX, is an example of an artist with such a sickness.

This drum and bass connoisseur is fundamentally inspired by artists such as Andy C, Friction, Sigma and many others who produce sounds with BPM’s around the 174 range, and featuring distinctively gnarly barks and growls straight from the pits of bass-hell. Wickid himself composes tunes in a similar style, but 100% original music-making magic. “Martial Law” and “Get Weird” represent what a Wickid fan would expect to hear based on his origins.

However, since we know that Wickid has been struck with an illness manifesting in the passionate desire to always grow and improve as an artist, his new remix of “Rude” by reggae band Magic is pleasantly surprising. It feels like an unexpected slap in the back of the head by that one uncle who always gets you to look for the scribbled “Gullible” on the ceiling: you know that he is capable of such things, but it is still a surprising sensory shock when it happens.

The original version of this delightful diddy features the sounds of Magic; the longing male voice belonging to Nasri , percussive drums that make you want to bounce along, and lyrics that tell us of a young man who is going to marry his girlfriend with or without her father’s permission, which he rudely refuses to give to the garage-band punk rocker with long, unkempt hair. ((Watch the official music video here )) Wickid’s remix has a steady tempo of 174 BPM, giving it the feel of what we would call liquid DnB. The basslines that Wickid pointedly melded to fit with the song’s melody uses the minor chords to produce an empathetic feeling from the listener while Nasri’s voice begs, “Why you gotta be so ru-ude?” The high hat steps along and keeps your foot tapping while your mind gets lost in the indulgent space-like wubs of wicked bass.

Keeping up to date with the latest and greatest of musical etiquette, Wickid has made his remix of Magic’s original free to download! Enjoy Magic’s “Rude” Wickid remix any time you’d like, straight from your favorite music device by clicking this link! No matter what kind of sound engineering Wickid is pursuing at the moment, the fact remains that he is constantly looking for new ways to expand his perspective as an artist and use that new vision to mold the sounds of his songs. From the electro house track “Samurai” to this latest drum and bass tune, you can always expect to be pleasantly surprised with the unique songs that Wickid creates.

The only question now is, when will his first album be available? More to come!

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